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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we begin tonight with breaking news. three people shot at a gas station convenience store in northeast d.c. >> it started on benning road near 44th street but it did not
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end there. fox 5's karen ay houston is live on the scene tonight. what's going on? >> reporter: two men and a woman were shot here at this bp gas station around 7:30 this evening. the actual shooting happened inside the marketplace convenience store. police are still on the scene tonight investigating. they say the victims were hit in the arm and leg and suffered nonlife threatening injuries in se sort of customer dispute. now one of the male victims worked in the store. police have not identified the three victims, but they are looking for the suspect who fled the scene in a black mercedes in a very high rate of speed. his vehicle was found later near the corner of blaine and 49th street. it had crashed into some cars that were parked in the neighborhood after colliding with a dodge caravan that was stopped at the corner. >> the caravan stopped briefly right here and just kept on going while the mercedes-benz
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came right here, hit the pontiac right here, just swerved right to the pontiac right here and just turned and i'm trying to see if the driver have, i had my dog with me, so -- if the driver -- i had my dog with me, so i tried to see the driver come down. my aunt said she saw somebody run down the alley. >> apparently he didn't feel he was being served fast enough. we don't know just yet. this is something we're investigating, but again it rose to the level of him ultimately firing several rounds inside the little convenience store there. >> reporter: back here live this is an active crime scene, an active search going on for the suspect in this triple shooting. at last report the three victims were hospitalized in relatively serious condition but expected to make it. back into you, brian and shawn. now to a fox 5 news alert, a teenager accused of a deadly crimespree, police arrested him in the shooting death of a d.c. cab driver.
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>> now they're linking him to a double shooting that left a woman dead in maryland. fox 5's lauren demarco working this one tonight. >> news of the shooting in waldorf had community members concerned and some feared it may have been gang related. today the sheriff's office confirmed that was not the case, saying this was the work of a teenager and he's already behind bars. >> it is with great diesel satisfaction that i announce that the charles county sheriff's office has obtained an arrest warrant charging joshua terrell mebane 17 years old in connection with the murder of teresa bass and the critical wounding of her husband. >> the waldorf couple was walking their dog on a path between hampshire circle and westlake high school when they were shot in the evening of october 26th. since then the quiet community has been on edge. it now turns out the parents of the suspect 17-year-old joshua mebane, live in the same neighborhood. we spoke with a woman who lives next-door to them. >> it's a tragedy for anybody involved, you know, for the
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victim and for their family, for the parents and, you know, just it's tragedy all the way around. >> reporter: on friday police searched the home and found a semiautomatic weapon. >> ballistically it was a positive match with the shell casings. >> reporter: the charles county sheriff's office first got the tip about mebane from d.c. police. he's currently in custody in the district along with being charged with a 17-year-old girl for the shooting of a cab driver wednesday in northeast. during that investigation officers received information that led them to believe mebane may be tied to the waldorf shooting that claimed the life of teresa bass. her husband is recovering and has been released from the hospital. police say it was a relief to let him know the suspect was behind bars. >> he was again very emotional and very happy that we caught mr. mebane.
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>> police are not releasing the name of the man who survived the shooting, but we learned he is a firefighter in maryland. we mentioned a 17-year-old girl was arrested along with mebane for the cab driver's death in d.c. to be clear, police say she is not connected to the double shooting in waldorf. judgment day for the former chairman of the d.c. city council, kwame brown will not be going to jail. instead he's been ordered on house arrest for making false statements on a loan application and violating the city's campaign laws. fox 5's bob barnard down in the newsroom now. >> kwame brown stood before two judges today, one in federal, the other in d.c. superior court to be sentenced for the crimes he admitted to. near tears at times in handcuffs and wearing shackles around his ankles, the 42-year- old politician born and raised in the district of columbia was ordered to spend one day in custody. former d.c. council chairman kwame brown returned to his house in southeast washington
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tonight. he will serve six months of home detention plus 480 hours of community service. >> hey, what's up, kwame? >> how you doing? >> reporter: brown there greeting a neighbor in a passing car as he completed his lone day of court-ordered institutional confinement in the custody of u.s. marshals. about an hour earlier brown left the federal courthouse in washington declining to speak to reporters. >> hey, kwame, do you have anything to say, sir? >> reporter: brown pled guilty in june to falsifying loan documents for his home and a boat and to campaign finance violations, writing checks for cash over the legal limit. >> i want to apologize from the bottom of my heart to all those say that let down. >> reporter: brown addressing the -- that i have let down. >> reporter: brown addressing the media after making his plea back in june. >> i am guilty of knowing that poll workers and others received more than $50 in cash
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payments for doing campaign work which is and has been done in this city for years. >> reporter: brown was the second elected official in the district to resign from office this year. then ward 5 council member harry thomas pled guilty to embezzling more than $300,000 in city grant moneys for children and the arts. he is serving a three year prison sentence. anything to say to the people of washington? how you doing? >> reporter: the federal judge prespieding over kwame brown's case rejected prosecutors' requests to send him to jail for six days, the judge noting brown did not use his elected office to make personal gains or defraud the people he represented and his attorney says prosecutors would never have brought the against case brown had he not been the council chairman. in the statement after sentencing the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia ronald machen said, "kwame brown squandered his bright political future and an opportunity to be a role model
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for the district's youth. brown was ordered to perform his community service in a visible place during weekdays so people could see that his crimes were not going unpunished." >> bob barnard. fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin was in the courtroom today. mark, it's hard for anybody who is watching this to say he got too much punishment. i guess the question is did he get too little? >> well, people were really shocked. the u.s. attorney asked for six days and judge richard leon, the federal judge, never put him behind bars, just put him in custody till 5:30, did order 480 hours of community service, did order home detention, but many people felt that the u.s. attorney saying this would send a strong message really wasn't a strong message unless he was actually put behind bars for a certain period of time. >> did losing his job ultimately seem like that was the punishment here? >> no. it just seemed to me that they
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wanted to make a distinction between -- and they did in court -- between this and harry thomas jr. embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars. fred cook the attorney making the statement to me if he wasn't the council chairman, they wouldn't have prosecuted at all. it sees to me that there seems to be a feeling that he did get a pass, that he was treated differently and that people are really kind of stunned that what the u.s. attorney wanted to do at first was even a minimum of six days, he got even less. he paid no fine. the local d.c. superior court judge sentenced him to 30 days, but that sentence was suspended and then in the end all he'll do is pay $250. >> well, that said it receives a number of loose ends legally with the city council. >> yes, it does. what everybody is really waiting for is mayor gray and a resolution of that matter.
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it's almost two years. people have told me close to the investigation they're waiting for jeffrey thompson, the large contractor of the city whose house has been searched and he's the major big fish they seem to be going after and then thomas gore who is mayor gray's campaign treasurer, he's awaiting sentences. so you're right, brian, there are still a lot of things to be tied up and really nobody except harry thomas which is unrelated to the mayor's investigation is actually serving time. >> mark plot kip tonight. we reached out -- plotkin tonight. we reached out to you on facebook and a punishment fit the crime. karen peek writes if this were any one of us we would not be so lucky. angela brazel says seriously these public officials take these risks because they know they won't be punished and donna wright said appropriate
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sentence because there was no monetary loss resulting from the lie. now to the david petraeus sex scandal, his alleged mistress spotted in d.c. today. we're also learning more about the investigation that includes a bizarre twist with the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. see, what are you working on? >> it's a cold one tonight. we will be falling into the upper 20s. so don't let it surprise you, a chilly start in the morning. will we rebound into anything warmer than we had today? i'll let you know in the full forecast. >> a surprise in the courtroom, the last minute development in the east coast rape trial at 11:00. 
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the sex scandal that led to cia director david petraeus' resignation is now widening. fox news cameras spotted petraeus' alleged mistress paula broadwell in d.c. today. her brother lives in northwest. meantime a second top general now involved in the investigation. fox 5 will thomas here with a closer look. >> the american commander in afghanistan general john allen
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is now facing an internal investigation for his communications with the woman at the heart of the dave petraeus controversy. here's where things stand. we'll begin with connecting some of the dots. tampa resident jill kelley acted as a volunteer social liaison with the air force base there. she contacted the fbi about anonymous so-called threatening e-mails. the fbi traced the e-mails to paula broadwell, the woman who wrote a biography on general david petraeus. the fbi discovered the two had an affair and petraeus resigned as cia director last friday. now another four star general is being dragged into the sex scandal. general john allen, the man running the war in afghanistan, is being investigated for what may have been potentially inappropriate e-mails with none other than jill kelley, the socialite who sparked the investigation into petraeus in the first place. allen and kelley deny any wrongdoing and the white house backs him up.
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allen remains president obama's choice to become the supreme allied commander of nato forces in europe, but his nomination on hold until the investigation wraps up. >> if the findings are that he's done nothing wrong, then it would be up to the secretary and president to move forward with the nomination. >> a lot of unked an questions. >> well, i think -- unanswered questions. >> well, i think there's some answers we need to have about notification to congress. i don't have any reason to think that there are any national security issues at stake in what has transpired. >> even petraeus will tell you he acted dishonorably, but what about a possible national security breach? retired army major general john altenberg ways in on this as well. >> it's highly unlikely general petraeus would walk out of the organization with classified documents and if he were, he would have people with him and going to some other facility in town and be using them. you don't take the stuff home with you. >> and then there's the deadly benghazi attack. petraeus was supposed to
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testify before congress this week. >> his successor was his deputy who i assume knows everything that general petraeus knows about those events and i would be satisfied as a citizen with his testimony. >> a couple loose ends to tie up now, federal agents searched paula broadwell's charlotte house last night seizing things like a computer and one more thing. the fbi agent who originally started looking into all this was removed from the case over concerns about his conduct including accusations he sent shirtless photos of himself to jill kelley. shawn, tonight at 11:00 more on jill kelley. >> thank you. we'll look forward to that. the man who accused elmo puppeteer kevin clash of having a sexual relationship with him when he was a teen-ager is recanting his story. the man now says his relationship with the sesame street actor was adult and consensual. clash released a statement today saying he's relieved this painful allegation has been put to rest. clash took a leave of absence from sesame street following the initial allegations. the murder trial of a
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former state university student is underway. alexis simpson is accused of stabbing her roommate to death last september during an argument over loud music. simpson turned herself in. she is now charged with murder and carrying a deadly weapon. a fox 5 investigation first uncovered a critical shortage of d.c. paramedics. tonight the fire and ems chief unveiled his plan to deal with the crisis. that solution has some people worried even more because it takes away ambulances overnight. fox 5's sherri ly with more on this story you saw first on fox 5. >> reporter: this is really a numbers game. d.c.'s fire and ems chief is willing to take the risk to move paramedic ambulances off the overnight period when there are fewer life threatening emergencies and move them to busier daytime periods, but paramedics have warned fox 5 this could have dangerous consequences. under the proposal announced by the chief for d.c. fire and ems between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m.
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d.c. won't have any ambulances with paramedics on board. these medic units carry the most advanced life saving equipment with a paramedic capable of performing life saving medical procedures, something a basic ambulance unit doesn't have. >> right now our data shows that we have a very limited call volume from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. and particularly in terms of als response. >> reporter: those calls overnight, even though small, are people's lives, but with scarce resources the department believes it's better to shift 14 medic units to peak daytime hours, a so-called power shift. our fox 5 investigation the union which represents firefighter paramedics warned it could endanger lives. >> we have huge concerns over that 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. block that there will not be any paramedic transport units. it's a 36% decrease in our capability to transport patients to the hospital. >> during those hours the department says each medic and
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ambulance unit handles about two calls and the city has 21 paramedic engine companies that can respond with firefighters who are trained as paramedics, but those engines can't transport patients. for that they'll have twait for one of the city's basic ambulance units. last night on fox 5 news at 10:00 the chief tried to justify the decision. >> can ask you say definitively that you're not putting people's lives at risk here? >> i don't think that we're putting the public at risk at all. as a matter of fact, i think we're going to be able to respond even better during the day because we'll have more units on the street. >> reporter: fire department sources say the real problem is manpower short by up to 100 paramedics. one paramedic spoke to fox 5 under anonymity is worried what might happen. >> be? is somebody is going to die. >> reporter: the plan must still be vetted by the d.c. council before changes are made and the two unions in the department are at odds over this plan. the union which represents the civilian paramedics who staff
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those medic units believes it's the best use of scarce resources while the union which represents those firefighter paramedics believes patients are at risk. in northwest sherri ly, fox 5 news. coming up next tonight find out why 20 d.c. public schools could soon close their doors. >> and later tonight a fox 5 special report, could some baby care products like shampoos and baby washes contain toxic chemicals? why the labels might not be vealing of hidden danger still ahead -- revealing of hidden danger still ahead tonight. 
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d.c. public schools will close 20 schools, most of them the beginning of the next academic year. the reason? the growth in charter school enrollment. fox 5's john henrehan explains. >> reporter: sheryl bridge has given up on d.c. public schools. her 6th grade daughter went to ferebee hope elementary school
10:25 pm
from head start through 5th grade. now the daughter is in a publicly funded charter school which mom thinks is pushing the daughter harder. >> the schools are not up to where they need to be because, see, here they said my daughter was proficient. charter school she got bs and cs. that shouldn't have been. >> reporter: ferebee hope is one of 20 d.c. public school buildings which are going to be closed and it's largely the growth of the charter schools in d.c. which is pushing chancellor kaya henderson to call for more closures. the school system closed 23 other schools in 2008. >> in some wards more than half of all public school students are attending charter schools and many of our charter schools have plans to continue to grow by grade level and by adding additional campuses. >> reporter: chancellor henderson argues it costs more money per student to keep underenrolled schools open than
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she's comfortable with. for example, at terrell- mcgogney elementary school there are only 208 students enrolled. about half the be is empty. henderson said she'd -- half the building is empty. henderson said she'd rather close this building and invest in better educational programs elsewh education programs, more career and technical education programs and more alternative options for you, people who aren't succeeding in a traditional school setting and more programs for advanced learners. >> reporter: only one high school is on the closure list, spingarn high. the d.c. council will hold a hearing on those proposed school closures thursday and a series of public meetings begin november 27th. chancellor henderson says she is open to alternate ideas, but i must say to me this
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comprehensive proposal to close 20 schools looks like it's on the fast track. john henrehan, fox 5 news. walter reed national medical center was the site of a protest earlier today. the union representing the medical facility's janitors arranged the rally. union leaders say the janitors haven't been paid the past two weeks. they filed a complaint with the department of labor and other government agencies. a spokesman for walter reed says a paperwork error occurred and the janitors should receive their paychecks in the next few days. a consumer alert is ahead tonight, scented baby products are really popular. tonight a warning from some scientists that parents should be concerned about what's in those products. we have both sides of this story in a special report.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. i think you'd agree just about everyone loves the sweet smell of a freshly bathed baby.
10:31 pm
in fact, there's an entire industry built around baby care products, but some are raising concerns, some studies, about potentially unsafe ingredients in some of those products. fox 5 consumer reporter laura evans is here with the story. >> as parents it can be tough to navigate the baby care aisle, reading labels, figuring out which baby care products are safe and which ones might be toxic. the environmental working group says you can read labels all you want, but on some products not all the ingredients are listed. the fresh clean smell of a baby, what's fresh and clean to you? is it calming lavender, vanilla oatmeal, honey apple? walk down the baby care aisle in any grocery store and you'll fine dozens of different products to make -- find dozens of different products to make your baby smell sweet. certain smells give us pleasure
10:32 pm
and when you consider that fragrance is a $30 billion a year industry, it's hard to argue consumers love perfume. >> we actually have an adage in our industry. price, performance and perfume is what drivers consumer habits for repurchasing and by and large it's the perfume that keeps the customer coming back. >> as consumers you're really in the dark here. >> reporter: david andrews, senior scientist with the consumer watchdog organization, the environmental working group, says the problem is when it comes to those scents you have no idea what you're putting on your baby. read the label and the only term you'll find is fragrance. >> fragrance is really kind of a catch all term. the secret mixture and really this information is being withheld from consumers. >> reporter: the mixture is made from a possible pallet of some organic and some synthetic. >> there's no product safety
10:33 pm
testing on those of. >> reporter: according to andrews a number of ingredients have raised concerns in animal studies, so much so he says consumers should avoid those chemicals. >> from interacting with our hormone system to allergic reaction, potential carcinogens in some of these products. >> reporter: it's that uncertainty that keeps jennifer duffy from buying products that contain fragrance for her two boys. >> because we don't know what it could be do or in the future, i figure i'd rather be safe and pick something with less chemicals or less ingredients in it. >> reporter: melissa gould gives her 1-year-old son a bath every day. >> can you sit down, please. >> reporter: she's particular about the lotions and soaps she uses mostly because she's following her doctor's advice. >> the doctor i think said to either use aquafo or sedefil or anything scented. i kind of consume we don't know everything that's in everything
10:34 pm
we buy. >> companies don't have to notify fda what chemicals they're using in the fragrance, so fda doesn't have any information. >> reporter: jennifer says the reason the ingredients that make up the fragrance aren't spelled out because publicizing that information would reveal the secret recipe. >> when you potentially reveal this recipe for anyone to copy, you could start introducing potential health concerns from unscrupulous companies that may not be committed to the same safety standards that our members are. >> reporter: an independent research institute evaluates each ingredient for safety and efficacy. >> i'm a mom, too and i have interest in knowing what's in my ingredients and that's why we actually went forward as an industry sharing everything that we've used. >> reporter: the list is published on the website, but the environmental working group says that's not much help to
10:35 pm
the consumer who still doesn't know exactly what they're buying and putting on their baby's skin. the environmental working group says phthalates and for mauled highs are ingredients -- formaldehydes are including in those ingredients. the environmental working group says a child's developing body tends to be more vulnerable to the potential toxins in fragrance. their skin is thinner and therefore, more sensitive to the exposure and absorption. the bottom line is when you see the word fraying rants, you don't -- fragrance, you don't know what's in the products that you're using. up next another giant honor for the nationals and their skipper. >> and later the mayor of ocean city addresses the future of that historic fishing pier damaged by hurricane sandy. well, before the turkey the
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traffic jams, aaa expecting more americans driving this thanksgiving holiday compared to last year but with record high gas prices for this time of the year drivers will take shorter trips as households are tightening their budgets. meantime job creators feeling shaky as we speed towards that fiscal cliff. a new survey shows uncertainty among small businesses, only 4% planning to hire new workers in the next six months, a lot of fear due to the automatic tax cuts and spending cuts -- tax hikes and spending cuts after the first of the year. and how would you like this under your christmas tree? a 76-carat diamond accepting at auction for 21.5 mill -- selling at auction for 21.5 million bucks, no necklace or setting included. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. 
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or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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bryce harper was named the national rookie of the year. today his skipper was up for manager of the year award. sports director scott smith has the results. >> it wasn't even close. davey johnson won the award in a landslide claiming 23 of the 32 first place votes becoming the fifth manager to win it in both leagues. back in 1997 he won the al award with the orioles. this last year he led the nats to a division title and the league best in the season and he's committed to one more year with the team. he signed a deal through 2013. quite the contrast from when he won the award with the o's in '97 which came the same day he
10:41 pm
was essentially fired by orioles owner peter angeles. so you can imagine a little trepidation winning it this time around. >> winning the division i thought i'd get fired and if i won this award, i thought i'd get fired. so hopefully i can live through getting this award and managing the nationals in 2013. this award is really nice, but i look more to the organizational award because the leonard family has done great job, rizzo and staff. they've done an outstanding job of the we've had great drafts, young players this year who really stepped in when key players got hurt like michael morse and storen and werth and we had a lot of young catchers come up and everybody really produced. it was a remarkable year. >> we should mention baltimore's buck showalter was narrowly edged out by the a's bob mel voyage. the nats win two awards in --
10:42 pm
bob melvin. the nats win two awards in two days. the petraeus scandal seems to be changing by the hour. tonight on the news edge a closer look at the well connected socialite whose relationship with petraeus raised some key questions. >> and the plea deal is off. the accused east coast rapist makes a surprising announce. at 11:00. 11:00 -- announcement at 11:00. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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get rid of the bottles and pacifiers is what the state of maryland wants to pass along to new parents. the state wants breastfeeding for new babies. >> reporter: little harrison is just 1 day old. his parents chris dowd and nikki beauchamp had heard stories about breastfeeding. >> i'd heard that it hurts. i've heard it was easy. i heard it was the most unnatural natural thing that you could ever do. >> reporter: now to increase breastfeeding the maryland department of health and mental
10:46 pm
hygiene is asking hospitals to voluntarily commit to a list of 10 recommendations. they're similar to the world health organization's baby friendly certification. frances phillips is maryland's deputy secretary for public health services. >> evidence shows that these 10 steps make a difference. >> reporter: shady grove hospital is embracing the recommendations most centering on training and education. one encourages rooming in. mom and baby together 24/7. maybe when you think about a maternity pardon, you think of this, someone look -- maternity ward, you think of this, someone looking into the nursery window, but this nursery at shady grove really illustrates the point. it's empty today. that's because the babies are in the rooms. >> the biggest change that we've seen is that first hour right after birth in which the moms and babies are left all by themselves to experience the breastfeeding experience before any interruptions are done, before the weights are done or
10:47 pm
any kind of shots or anything else for the baby. >> he came out and they plopped him right on my chest. chris cut the chord cord -- cord and he was breastfeeding in about 15 minutes after being born. >> we've taken an old room and made it into a breastfeeding room for employees so that they can be successful. >> we want to make sure that when moms return to work, it's a baby friendly workplace so that moms have a place to go to pump and i'm not talking about the ladies room. you know what i'm talking about. i'm talking about a lactation room where employers support breastfeeding. breastfeeding has documented benefits. it's not always easy, but it's worth it. a 3-month-old who underwent heart surgery is attracting worldwide attention. joey pallings parents snapped this photo after their son's
10:48 pm
open heart surgery and put it on their facebook page. his uncle saw it and read it. joey was diagnosed with a heart condition before being born and underwent surgery shortly after birth and we're told is doing fine. >> right on. >> he's beautiful to boot, what a cute little guy. >> smells good i hear. >> no sniffing babies. >> those days are over. my kids now stink. >> it just gets worse the older they get, too. >> i believe it. we're off on a whole other tangent. let's talk about the forecast. >> change the subject and talk about it getting chilly, one of the cold nights we're expecting. yesterday 72 and today in the low 50s and headed for the 20s tonight. so got to love you some november, right? it can really change on a 24 hour notice here and that's exactly what we are seeing tonight. we'll start out with a look at weather headlines. last night it was raining
10:49 pm
across much of the area. that cold front has moved through. cold air will be in place overnight. high pressure built in behind the front, chased out the clouds and showers and the clear skies now and very dry air and the fact that the breeze is now over will see us dropping to the 20s and 30s for our overnight lows this evening. so temperatures right now here in the city 40 degrees, but you don't have to go too far up 270 to find gaithersburg at 32, a little farther north to find frederick at 30, winchester 32 degrees, baltimore 38, stevensville 43. you can definitely see that colder air north and west. you don't want the windows open too wide tonight. still a little breeze producing a wind chill that has some places feeling like they're in the 20s, but as the wind continues to lighten up, we'll get colder. overnight 30 gaithersburg, 28 frederick and hagerstown, 29 martinsburg and cumberland, 28 winchester, lots of chilly temps, but again dry skies. we had showers earlier today and overnight and actually
10:50 pm
produced some pretty significant rain in many spots including this reading at dulles, .87, a daily record for the day, bwi thurgood marshall getting about 1/2-inch and that's the same number at reagan. most of the showers were gone from the region by noon. they lingered a little longer once we got east of 95. for tonight it's a clear one with freezing temperatures in the suburbs and certainly colder than that in some spots, about 35 degrees for the district. wind lightened up out of the north 5 to 10 and that's the same direction tomorrow. that means tomorrow will be chilly, lots of sunshine, a bright beautiful energizing day, but definitely staying cool minus the big wind we had today. so enjoy that full sunshine. at 8 a.m. your temperature in the city about 38 degrees, colder north and west. by noon we're up to 47 degrees with sunshine and by 4:00 about 48 degrees. so definitely running a little below average tomorrow, has a lot to do with the position of high pressure to our north bringing that north wind in.
10:51 pm
now as we go through the next 24 hours, high pressure is going to lift up to the north and we'll be watching a little moisture down here off the coast as some areas of showers that might try to sneak into north carolina, maybe even into southern virginia. right now we don't think that gets into d.c., but there will be a similar setup probably in the sunday to monday or tuesday time frame that could give us some showers. that's our next chance of rain. it's going to be late within into the first part of next week. check out futurecast. you can see we will be with high pressure keeping a little moisture at bay through the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine as expected, perhaps a bit more cloud cover thursday. that will be coming from some of this storminess off the coast. again we expect that to be blocked out of our area, but it could bring us a few clouds. then we believe another one will form into the weekend. temperatures around the region tomorrow upper 40s for some of you, near 50 in the district and points to the east so much your fox 5 accuweather seven- day forecast -- east. so your fox 5 accuweather seven- day forecast still has lots of 50 o's it and several bright
10:52 pm
days as well. looks like our next chan for rain will some in the sunday -- chance for rain will come in the sunday/monday time frame and in the area of low pressure we'll kind of watch. it will bring a bit of an east wind in here, too. as we get closer to thanksgiving, hard to believe that's showing up on the seven- day forecast in two days. what? that got here fast, too. a lot of people traveling, so we'll be watching that forecast for you. saw this blip come across the facebook page and it had to be one of the most liked status update that page has had from ocean city. the mayor says the historic fishing pier destroyed by hurricane sandy will be rebuilt and soon. the pier was badly damaged during the storm two weeks ago, basically ripped the front half off and it disappeared into the ocean. the large section completely gone, the pilings left standing behind. they've since been removed. the current franchise holder has committed to rebuilding testimony the mayor expects it to be rebuilt -- rebuilding it. the mayor expects it to be rebuilt in time for summer.
10:53 pm
the recovery and relief efforts continues as tens of thousands of people still don't have power. we have the update. >> reporter: the blame game following sandy and the nor'easter rages on. new york governor andrew cuomo launching a commission to investigate and study storm preparation and management of new york utility companies and recommend reforms. in staten island folks feel abandoned saying fema, the red cross have been practically nonexistent. both say they're doing everything they can to help victims. officials on staten island say a power restoration program called quick start is being expanded to hundreds of homes after a successful test runful looting has become a major concern. >> -- run. looting has become a major concern. >> before they put these lights up people were coming out of nowhere. >> reporter: the nypd reporting a spike in crime in the days following the storm. a man has a number of charges
10:54 pm
including attempted murder. the rebuilding effort will be costly. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is asking the federal government for 500 million to help pay for immediate repairs around the city. >> we need to repair or replace boiler systems, backup generators, elevators and ventilation and also areas that were damaged by floodwaters. >> reporter: in new jersey gas rations are over. fema said they've approved $127 million worth of federal assistance for emergency emergency residents, opened 22 disaster centers in 19 counties. coming up on fox 5 judgment day for a woman caught on camera driving on the sidewalk to get around a school bus. her unusual punishment up next. >> in minutes at 11:00 the online movement urging states to secede from the union. thousands have joined. a closer look on the news edge. [ dollar ] that's me.
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rockville city police are still investigating threats made yesterday on the montgomery county campus. a 19-year-old was taken into custody after reportedly saying i wanted to shoot some people on -- he wanted to shoot some people on campus. investigators haven't determined how serious the threat was. the man was taken to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. a massachusetts woman faces criminal charges after a violent crash caught on camera. police say the woman drove through a supermarket parking lot over a sidewalk into traffic hitting another car. the force of that pushed the car into a truck that was hauling a trailer. one person had to be taken to the hospital. the woman is accused of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol among other charges. an ohio woman caught on camera driving on a sidewalk to avoid stopping behind a school bus that was picking up a wheelchair bound child. she was sentenced today.
10:59 pm
witnesses say sheena harden would routinely drive on the sidewalk in a cleveland neighborhood. she was caught in the act and pled no contest. a judge made her stand outside for an hour holding a sign that says only an idiot would drive on a sidewalk to avoid a school bus. >> seen it on the news this morning, so i just came and saw it, just walked up here. my dad drove me up here, had to come and see it for myself. >> i wanted to see the lady holding a sign that drove on the sidewalk. my wife told me to get a picture of her. >> the judge ordered the woman to pay $250 suspended her license for 30 days. hopefully she's learned her lesson. the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. we start off with a news alert from northeast d.c. where a gas station clerk and two others were shot tonight in what police call a customer dispute. the crime scene unfolded on a busy road. fox 5's karen gray houston live now with the latest. >> reporter: it was a pretty wild scene out

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